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What is Astro Space Camp?

Astro Space Camp is a flagship program by Society for Space Education, Research and Development (SSERD)

Astro Space Camp is an Initiative by SSERD for School Students from age 5 and above, we look to create awareness about Space Science and Technology. Our curriculum is designed to elevate and foster new attributes in young minds like (creativity, critical thinking, etc). We emphasize on providing an innovative and exciting hands-on experience through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) model. Topics that have been focused are based on Aeronautics, Space Technology, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Astronautics and a lot more.
During the Camp, students will be part of activities such as Individual Model making, Invited Space Talks, Over-night sky gazing, Space Trip, Experiments, Simulations and lots more.
Our main motto is to identify and assist those students, who are keen to the field of Aeronautics, Space Technology, Astronomy, and allow them to reach one more step closer to their dreams.

"The Astro Space camp in Chennai was a treat for me during the long vacation from my 10th to 11th class and getting to know about the adventures of our human race into Space exploration had benefited me in being an extrovert as I was not opening up until my 9th grade. So, the session that I loved was the presentation of Indian Astronomy and components of rockets as well as functions of the satellite. The session on hydro rockets, things were a realistic and practical experience for me. I liked the 'fin' theory to propel or to use aerodynamics to stabilize any flying object. I got to see the entropy happening in and around chuck gliders. I was astonished by the malleability of the Balsa wood used to make gliders efficiently. Before the sky-gazing session, you displayed the objects present in-universe that seemed like we were inside a mini Planetarium.
the motivation given by the team during the camp had given me a lot of self-confidence and extensive knowledge about the cosmos.Thank you for your support and guidance. Overall the exposure of this camp got me "mindblowing" Thanking You
S Kailash
AstroSpaceCamp 2019 Attendee

Speakers From Our previous camps

Topics covered

Aero Modelling

Learn about airplane and how they work,and students get to build their own models too!


Learn-Build-Launch your own model rockets! Its Just Rocket science!

Life of Astronauts

Ever wondered what its to be like to be an astronaut? Learn from the real life astronauts! Students will get a chance to interact with a real life astronaut!


Explore the cosmic space and learn about astronomy, learn about stars and planets.

Space Business

Want to start a business related to space? In this session students interact with space entrepreneurs and get a first hand idea on how the space start up industry is

Career in Space

Want to work in ISRO or NASA or Private space industry? This is a perfect session for building your careers in space industry.


Ever thought how satellites work in space! Travelling 100s of kilometers above our heads and giving us valuable information, Learn how they work and build own model sats!

Space Robotics

Millions of miles away, in mars rovers are exploring the mars! Learn about robots and make own exploration robots!

Telescope making

Having a telescope is a every child's dream! Learn how to make one and use to explore the stars and planets!

Space Medicine

Space medicine is the practice of medicine on astronauts in outer space. Learn about space medicine and the opportunities

If your child is interested in the search for life beyond Earth, robotics, astronomy, or simply the thrill of exploration, this program is a perfect outlet for their curiosity and creativity!​

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