An Unforgettable Summer Experience

Get hands-on experience in various aspects of space exploration, including rocket design, satellite technology, and data analysis. Work with professional scientists and engineers and gain valuable insights into the field.

International Astro Space Camp

July 22nd - 27th, 2024

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Year of bringing SPACE closer to students


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Why Astro Space Camp?

Get to understand the SPIRIT of being an astronaut

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Best space summer camp in INDIA

Best space summer camp in INDIA


Designed to MAXIMIZE learning

Activities programmed for MAXIMUM learning


Learn From the BEST

Program DESIGNED by Kalpana Chawla Scholarship Awardee



The ONLY residential summer space camp

How is it unique?

At Astro Space Camp we follow our tried and tested method called LBL (Learn - Build - Launch) to teach students and it is specially designed to teach students the wonders of cosmos.


Students learn about working principles, materials used and safety precautions.


Students get to learn the way to build the particular experiment/model and build methods.


Students learn to launch/operate the experiment/model they built and conduct an analysis.

About the Team

Genex Space is a pioneering space education startup founded by the SSERD team, which boasts over seven years of experience in the field. We offer various space education programs for students of all ages and backgrounds, designed to foster a love for space and inspire the next generation of space scientists and researchers. Genex Space is also the educational content partner of ISRO and we are committed to provide high-quality education and training, which includes hands-on experience in areas such as rocket design, satellite technology, and astronomy. With Genex Space, students have the opportunity to work with experts in the field, develop critical thinking skills, and learn about the exciting world of space in a fun and engaging way.